Ace Industrial Products, headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, has designed and manufactured welding fume extractors and related equipment for over 50 years.

We take pride in providing high quality, American-built products that are simple to use, affordable to own, and most of all, highly effective in protecting welder health and safety.

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How Many Ambient Air Cleaners Do I Need?

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The Ace 74 Series Ambient Air Cleaner has been a popular product in the Ace assortment for years.  They are an effective tool for general shop air cleaning, and while they are not a direct replacement for a source capture fume extractors, they are nevertheless an important supplement to a shop’s overall health and safety […]

Ace Filter Flammability Rating

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The flammability rating of a welding fume extractor filter is a legitimate concern.  All welding and related high heat metal working processes expose filters to the potential for fire and/or smoldering.  Ace takes this fact seriously and has built two important features into it’s line of fume extractors to help mimimize first incidents.  These features […]

Which Fume Extractor Do I Need? Part 1

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Fair question. The number of fume extractor brands, and the number of different types offered by those brands, can make choosing the right extractor a daunting task.  The real question, of course, being asked by a purchaser is “Given all the choices I see, how do I keep from buying the wrong extractor?” Businesses want […]

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