How Many Ambient Air Cleaners Do I Need?

The Ace 74 Series Ambient Air Cleaner has been a popular product in the Ace assortment for years.  They are an effective tool for general shop air cleaning, and while they are not a direct replacement for a source capture fume extractors, they are nevertheless an important supplement to a shop’s overall health and safety program.  Furthermore, ambient air cleaners are equally effective for a wide variety of work applications:  metalworking, woodworking, machining, soldering, plastics, ceramics, and automotive paint and body work.

And so while being a very versatile product, the ambient air cleaner’s usefulness is optimized by placing within a shop the proper number of units.  The calculations for determing that number are simple and straightforward:  the cubic feet of shop in question multiplied by the desired number of hourly air changes divided by the air cleaner’s hourly air movement rating.  We’ve created a form for the purpose of doing these caluclations in an organzied and sequential manner.  We’ve even included an example to demonstrate the logic of the methodology.

Armed with the results of the caluclations, you can order the proper number of units to most effectively clean and recirculate the air in your shop.  The link to the form is right here ,and can also be found on the 74 Series Ambient Air cleaner page:

Ace Ambient Cleaner Worksheet






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