75 Series Articulating Extraction Arm


An internally supported articulating fume extraction arm, available in multiple lengths, and designed to be used with Ace 75 Series single and multi station fume exhausters,

  • Available in three lengths, 7, 10, and 14 feet by 6 inch diameter
  • Arm is internally supported to eliminate external pinch points
  • Arm utilizes durable weld hose covering a lightweight articulating arm
  • Position and balance is achieved via flexible knuckle joints
  • Unit includes a large mouth extraction hood with air flow damper
  • Arm pivots on a heavy duty cast iron swivel mount
  • A wall / column mounting bracket is supplied with the arm
  • Compatible with Ace 75 Series Exhausters, Booms, and Accessories
  • Made in USA
  • One year limited warranty
  • 7 Foot Model= PN 75-076
  • 10 Foot Model=PN 75-106
  • 13 Foot Model=PN 75-146

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