An Industrial Hygienist Is A Valuable Resource

Ace recommends regular environmental air monitoring of your facility to ensure maximum worker safety as well as regulatory compliance.  By doing so, you can ascertain the current state of your facility’s air quality, and with that information, make more informed decisions regarding any remediation methods, whether is fume extraction or otherwise.  The American Industrial Hygiene … Read more

Washington University study raises questions about current welding safety standards

Good information on the following link regarding a very recent study published by Washington University in St. Louis. It pertains to manganese levels in weld fume, and how current exposure levels may be stated too high to effectively protect workers.  This is important to know, because manganese exists in every form of carbon steel, … Read more

Ace Industrial Products Introduces New Compact Mobile Fume Extractor

Ace Industrial Products Introduces New Compact Mobile Fume Extractor ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – Ace Industrial Products has expanded its line of powerful, self- contained welding fume extractors with the introduction of model 73-701, an all-purpose, competitively priced, yet full-featured machine. The need to provide effective, rugged fume extractors to welders continues to grow, and with … Read more

Ace Motor Brush Replacement Guide

Ace portable fume extractors use brushes that are rated for 500 hours of use.  It’s advisable to keep a spare set handy so that a change can be made before the brushes wear down completely.  Doing so will prevent damage from occuring to the motor itself. A pictorial guide to changing your motor brushes are available by … Read more

Join Ace at Fabtech!

Fabtech will be in Atlanta this year, November 11-13, and as always,  Ace will be there too.  Join us in Booth C3157 for the latest in our growing line of welding fume extraction products.  Be sure to add Ace to your show itinerary.  We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

EPA Rule 6X: A Developing Story

In the coming days, we will be issuing detailed information EPA’s Rule 6X, a recently implemented standard regulating the outdoor emission of welding fumes.  The standard is not universal to all welding related business, so the obvious questions are:  1.) Am I subject to the rule?,  2.) If I am, how do I test for compliance?, and 3.) If … Read more

New Site Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! We hope that the new design, and streamlined Products section, better showcases what we have to offer. We welcome your feedback. Thank You for visiting!

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