Filters For Discontinued Ace Fume Extractors 73-600, 73-600G, 73-800, 73-800G

Ace fume extractor models 73-600, 73-600G, 73-800, and 73-800G were discontinued by Ace in 1996 and 1997, to be replaced by models 73-601 and 73-801.  Since that time we have made every effort to support the discontinued models with replacement filters, but as time has gone on, we have found it very difficult to find reliable sources for the main filters for these products.  As such, we have made the deicsion to no longer offer a main filter replacement for the aforementioned fume extractors.

Pre filters are still available, however, and their re-order numbers are as follows:

  • If 20x24x4 inches in dimension, the re-order number is 91-956-3.
  • If 24x24x4 inches in dimension, the re-order number is 91-984.


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